Since no textbook existed at the time, Ms. McMasters developed a Russian diction guide for singers while teaching a course on "Russian Diction and Song" in 1983-84, at the State University of New York in Fredonia.  She went on to teach that course many times during her tenure there.  Her "Russian Diction" is included as Chapter 7 in A Singer's Manual of Foreign Language Dictions, published first in 1984 by Edacra Press.  It has since been released by YBK Publishers.  The manual is organized to be used in a class setting or as a self-teaching guide.


Please note that singers interested in Russian diction should buy the fully-corrected "Updated 2012" version of this book.  (YBK's 2004 release was not made available to Ms. McMasters for proofreading prior to publication and consequently contained a prohibitive number of printing errors.)